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About us


DSC_0316 2 copyOur “Love is the Answer” motto has enabled us for the past twenty years to reach out and make this world a better place. Primarily our motivation has always been to show love and give a helping hand in every sphere of life.

The Love is the Answer center is located in the suburb of Budapest, but our activities reach the whole of Hungary, and neighboring Romania as well. Our volunteer members have given their lives to help the needy and destitute. Everybody needs love, care,understanding and a good hearty laugh some time in their lives. This healing laughter is especially important for the sick and handicapped children. Our volunteers visit hospitals, childrenʼs homes and orphanages, with our clown, and puppet shows to bring happiness and love to their everyday lives. Music is part of the therapy used, to encourage the healing process.

At the International Pető Institute for the handicapped, we host weekly English classes - helping to motivate the children to overcome their disabilities while improving their skills. Across the whole country our clown-doctors visit the childrenʼs wards in hospitals using laughter-therapy and encouraging the relatives as well. We care for the poor, homeless, and the elderly by distributing humanitarian aid to them, ensuring that the donated goods get to their given destinations.

The Associationʼs drug prevention program includes participating in youth festivals, while performing mime stories. We organize summer camps for the less fortunate children, with the goal of contributing to the childrenʼs development through English teaching, arts and crafts activities, and other creative programs. In Transylvania, Romania, we have held orphan camps since 2007. In Hungary we host Integrated Camps for the physically handicapped young people, alongside with underprivileged, Roma children and voluntaries.

Currently, Love is the Answer Association is the local representative for the FC Internazionale Italian football teamʼs social project in Hungary. The Inter Campus is already in operation in twenty-four countries around the world. With Inter Campus, the underprivileged and orphan children receive opportunities to excel. Football encourages team-working and influences the physical and spiritual development of the children. It also encourages better communication and relations with their peers, families. It effects their behavior at school, giving them equal opportunity and a chance in life.